Global chip shortage has no impact on Redvine, company continues to deliver on SD-WAN demand 

31 May 2022, Johannesburg – Redvine Networks, a fully-managed SASE and cloud service provider, says it remains unaffected by the current global chip shortage which Intel expects to last through 2024. Redvine continues to deliver solutions to its customers across Africa at turnaround times comparable to pre-COVID levels. 

“We have always been a future-forward technology company that believes in developing a long-term strategy for each of our customers. We do not sell technology for its own sake or try to simply make the numbers. The business started with a software-first mindset at a time when the trend in the market was moving away from traditional hardware approaches to cloud-based technologies,” says Binesh George, CEO at Redvine Networks. 

Redvine has always been committed to investing in partnerships and technologies that not only meet the immediate needs of customers but are also future-proof to scale as their demands increase. Since 2020, increased demand, the stockpiling of chips due to geopolitical tensions like those between the US and China, and extreme weather events have fuelled the global chip shortage. This has resulted in vendors such as Cisco and Fortinet having lead times of several months. 

“The principles Redvine follows as a pure-play SD-WAN solutions provider sees the company able to divorce the software and hardware layers from one another. This means there is no dependency on hardware as Redvine white labels solutions from multiple vendors.  We also leverage our reputation and partner status with key vendors to have access to equipment other service providers do not have,” adds Wesley van Rayne, Redvine Networks Principal Engineer. 

“The internal pipeline that Redvine has in place to access global solutions, and make them available to customers across the continent, has meant we can continue to deliver on customer expectations,” says Simon van Blerk, Africa Sales Manager at Redvine Networks.  

For instance, the company has deployed SD-WAN solutions to a leading pathology laboratory and a global records and information management specialist with no disruption, at the height of the chip shortage. 

“The combination of our strong international partnerships and the strategic planning we have been doing since opening our doors have ensured that the chip shortage has absolutely no impact on our effectiveness and ability to deliver on any customer demand,” concludes George.