28 August 2023, JohannesburgRedvine Networks, the fully managed secure SD-WAN and networking service provider and distributor, has collaborated with French software developer Lytn, to combine machine learning (ML) and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to build a solution exclusively for the African continent to proactively optimise network performance for customer environments. 

“Redvine RHEA is an exciting addition to our solutions stack and demonstrates our continued commitment to driving a technology forward approach for our customers.  It is also the first of its kind on the continent, and aims to help businesses better manage their networks, driven by insights and data,” says Binesh George, CEO and co-founder of Redvine Networks.  

The solution enables customers to seamlessly interrogate the data generated on their networks. This intelligence can be used to anticipate key network issues, challenges, and opportunities for optimisation.  

The collaboration is significant for sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) as Redvine becomes the first company in the region to develop and rollout a solution of this nature. 

“Redvine is on the same page as us,” says Etienne Coulon, Co-Founder of Lytn. “SD-WAN is the foundation on which this joint solution has been developed. Our goal is to expose and unlock the full potential of the network for companies using AI and data science.  

We are excited to collaborate with dynamic managed service providers like Redvine who are committed to building value for their customers on top of proactive network optimisation technology.” 

Through Redvine RHEA the processing of customer network usage data will not only reveal insights into whether users are spending time on productive applications but also identify any bottlenecks. Redvine will be able to benchmark network performance objectively and compare different providers based on customer requirements. 

George added, “This collaboration with Lytn aligns with our commitment to being connectivity agnostic. By benchmarking network performance, we can show objectively the best and worst-performing providers on a customer’s network. By gaining complete visibility into the health of the network, we can make strategic recommendations on which network technology will be the right fit for a customer.” 

This partnership offers a fresh perspective on the value of network data and brings to light the importance of network health and usage awareness. It signals a proactive approach to network management, enabling businesses to anticipate potential network issues and act in advance to ensure a seamless experience.  

“The predictive power of the Redvine RHEA engine is immense,” George concluded. “This partnership not only enhances our offerings but also paves the way for a new generation of services that we will build on top of this platform.” 

Coulon echoed this sentiment. 

“With Redvine, we are working with an organisation that delivers much more than connectivity as a service. This enables the generation of new services to proactively manage customer networks and deliver service level agreements for the best possible business outcome” says Coulon. 

The new solution from Redvine and Lytn is available both commercially and technically.